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What Our Customers Say

For several decades, our clients have enjoyed our expert and personable employment services. With multiple branches throughout the south and southwest of the UK, our clients benefit from a local relationship anchored by industry knowledge of the region.

Here is what some of our customers have had to say about our services over the years.

Customer testimonials

"Our new teacher has been a great asset to us these past few months. They have really supported the team and nothing has phased them at all."

Exeter Customer

"We reached out to Pro Education after meeting one of their recruitment consultants and having been impressed by their professional and personable approach. The daily charge for staff was significantly more competitive than what we were expecting too." 

Poole Customer

"Pro Education is our teacher supply agency of choice. Their high service is consistent whether you're requesting long-term scheduled cover or emergency supply cover.

"Pro Education provides our school with fully-vetted, high-calibre supply teachers at a competitive rate. The professional, efficient and reliable service means that Pro Education often saves the day for our school."

Swindon Customer

"We have been working with Pro Education for a few months and already we have been very impressed with the service. Their recruitment consultants are extremely professional and prompt, and they have gone above and beyond to ensure our specific requirements have been met. 

"Daily communication with them is a delight and all booking requests are dealt with swiftly - often within five minutes!"

Plymouth Customer 

"We have been working with Pro Education for several years and we've always been happy with the service they provide. They listen to our requirements and are quick and thorough when dealing with requests."

Newton Customer 

"Pro Education has friendly and efficient staff and we have the utmost confidence in them. They listen to all our requests and always place the best teachers for our needs.

"Pro Education is always our first choice!"

Dorchester Customer

"We have found Pro Education to be understanding and responsive when we have needed them. They always source the best teacher for the varying needs of our students. It is helpful to have supply staff who live locally so that when we need teachers at short notice, the response time is very fast. The quality of service we receive has also been excellent."

Dorchester Customer

"Pro Education is always quick to respond to our requests. All the necessary safeguarding paperwork is always checked by them, so everything is in order before a new teacher starts. It's always quick and easy, which is exactly what we need when time is of the essence!"

Dorchester Customer